Last updated : 12-12-2014

Trial Period

Any new user (called as 'vendor' from now on) will be allowed to go for a trial to use our service and sell their products for the period of 30 days to a single buyer for free of charge. The vendor doesn't have to pay for using our service for the initial trial period.

Premium plan

In Premium plan, there is no monthly subscription for any of the services provided. we have only annual subscription period. The vendor has to pay the annual subscription charges including the taxes prior to the activation of vendor's account for annual usage. Once the payment is successful, vendor's account will be active for the next one year from the date of payment . After activation of vendor's annual premium plan, vendor can have only one buyer to sell products throughout the period. In order to add more buyers to vendor's account, the vendor will be charged for each buyer addition for providing with tools and features for the new buyer. There will not be any other type of payments for the vendor. You can contact support team for free of cost. Please check contact information in the page footer.

Cancellation & Refund

There is no cancellation of services after activation. There will be not be any refund of the payment provided by the vendor.

Transactional fees

There is no percentage or commission of the order price sold by the vendor to his/her buyers. There is no associated transaction level charges applied to the vendor's sales. The vendor is required to pay only for the activation of service offered by our platform and while adding a new buyer.

This page will be updated, when there are any changes made for the users. An email notification will be sent, if any major changes has been made to this policy

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