Create your online business

This is the way to go. Grab your chance to become a seller online. You have all fine controls to your selling. We are there to help!

Increase your customer base

Increase your customers by opening virtual 24X7 showroom for your business. Now, your customers can buy anytime online

Big yourself up

You can make what the other big sellers are doing online. You get everything as big as they have with our selling platform now.

Online Business

We provide all necessary tools to setup, manage your business online

Own Inventory

Our Platform gives you a sophisticated inventory management module

Publish Rates

Publish your rates for your products anytime. You can customise the rates per buyer. That's incredible

Manage Customers

You can activate, edit and disable any of your buyer at any time. We have track record of all your customers interaction with our platform, purchase reports, payments etc.

Deliver Orders

Our platform generates you delivery chalan to help your customers while receive their ordered goods. This generates invoice once the order is delivered

Receive Payments

Manage your customer payments like payment due, critical payments. You can request your customers for payments for the orders delivered. You can get a list of all pending payments

Track Reports

Our reports are full-blown with all the analytics of the customer data. The reports are incredible to look at your order, sales, revenue level

Notifications & Alerts

Email and SMS notifications are sent to sellers and buyers to inform about the transactional events. we also have customised EOD report sent to your email

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